Dried ripe persimmon pickled with kouji (rice malt) / 熟柿 干柿糀漬

This pickle is

not sour, not solty ,not spicy.

You can taste the flavor of the raw ingredients deeply.

We carefully dried Saijo persimmons made in Tottori and pickled them with koji (rice malt) made by processing and fermenting rice made in Tottori. The koji permeates the umami-rich dried persimmons, bringing out its intrinsic flavors and creating a gentle, full-bodied taste. You can eat it as it is, or use it to add a touch to a variety of dishes. It works particularly well with cheese and yogurt, as well as fermented Japanese foods.

※Fermentation is stopped by heat sterilization.




raw materials / 原材料

Dried persimmon (made in Tottori), rice (made in Tottori) koji (malt) / 干柿(鳥取県産)、米こうじ(米(鳥取県産))



kcal                                   166lcal

liqid                                  0.2g

Saturatedbfatty acids    0.0075g

caobohydrate                 44g

protein                             1.8g

salt equivalnt                  0.08g

Estimated value


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