Shishi yuzu (lion citron) pickled with sake cake(sake lees)/ 獅子柚子 酒粕漬

This pickle is

not sour, not solty ,not spicy.

You can taste the flavor of the raw ingredients deeply.


We simmered away the peels of delicate Shishi yuzu (lion citron) grown in red soil with the juice and beet sugar to keep the umami in, and then pickled them with sake (“Hioki-zakura”) cakes made in Tottori. The sake cakes permeate the umami-rich Shishi yuzu, creating unprecedented flavors. You can eat it as it is, or turn it into paste to make sauce or use it to add a subtle touch to a simmered dish.



raw materials / 原材料

Shishi yuzu (lion citron, made in Tottori), beet sugar (made in Hokkaido), sake cakes (made in Tottori) / 獅子柚子(鳥取県産)、甜菜糖(北海道)、酒粕(鳥取県産)





kcal                                   143lcal

liqid                                  0.17g

Saturatedbfatty acids    0.0015g

caobohydrate                 19g

protein                             8g

salt equivalnt                  0g

Estimated value

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